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Winners 2021

“Entering the awards was such a great experience for us. The virtual judging and ceremony was just as thrilling as if we had been there in person. We were impressed with the high calibre of the judges, and prior to the event, the organisers were so supportive with any questions we had.”

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal, Weston College


Compete for the ultimate accolade in CX at the Turkey Customer Experience Awards 2021.

The Turkey CXA® is brought to you by Awards International, founders of the UK CXA® eleven years ago, also the Dream Team behind the International CXA®.

The awards recognise companies on their CX journey. If you are at the beginning of your journey or you have achieved a level of maturity, there are categories for you.

Winners of the Turkey CXA® will be entitled to automatic shortlisting at the International Customer Experience Awards in Amsterdam in November 2021.*

The Turkey CXA® will be a LIVE Online event on June 10th 2021. KEY DATES

Join us as companies compete before a judging panel of independent global CX experts, before results are revealed and winners crowned at an amazing awards ceremony.

Winners 2021

* Subject to entry fee

“Not only was the event entertaining, it also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about CX efforts in a wide range of activities from an interesting mix of organisations.”

Jan Rozendaal, Managing Consultant, Looyint

Steering Council

The Steering Council is headed by Gökhan Kara, Certified Customer Experience Professional, Board Member of the CXPA, and a leading voice in CX in Turkey today. ​

The Steering Council advises Awards International to ensure the awards represent the needs of the CX community in Turkey. ​

The Steering Council aims to ensure the Turkey CXA® is the country’s premier celebration of CX.

Winners 2021

“So happy and inspired from today's CX presentations! Many thanks to my co-judges and of course the participant companies!”

Vivie Chorianopoulou, Head of CX, VividVibes

How to Enter

Here's all you to have to do:​​

  Select the category you wish to enter. Once you know this you can fill out the online form to sign up. You can choose several categories when entering.

  Complete and submit the online entry form. Once you have signed up watch out for the email with details to sign in.​

  Make the shortlist. Watch out for the finalists announcement on May 10th.

  Present at the final on 10th June and attend the awards ceremony.​

A total of 50% of the score is the online submission and 50% is for the presentation to the judges. ​

For more information about this and all the other things we are doing at the awards to support you, check out the rest of the website.​

Contact your Awards Consultant Jovan for further insight into entering the TCXA®, on +44 (0)208 63 87 946, or by emailing jovan@awardsinternational.com

Winners 2021

“We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do; they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.”

Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support


CX Turkey Conference

On June 10th, delegates will be able to choose from over 50 presentations featuring the best in CX case studies from Turkey. ​

It is a great opportunity to learn about best practice. ​

The full schedule will be published on May 10th. ​


In the afternoon there will be presentations from three international guest speakers followed by a panel discussion about the state of CX in the region.​

The panel will be chaired by Neil Skehel, CEO of Awards International, and many times conference chair. ​

The panel will include eminent experts in CX: The CXTrendTalks speakers, members of the Awards Steering Council, and Gokhan Kara CCXP, board member of CXPA. ​

Winners 2021

“We heard great insights, presentations, and stories in our category. Many thanks to my fellow judges and a very special thanks to Ian Golding and the Awards International Dream Team for the amazing organizing.”

Laith Al-Alami, Trainer, Institute of Banking Studies - Jordan

Ethical Awards

All Awards International events are “Ethical Awards Scheme Accredited” by the Independent Awards Standards Council.

We have achieved the Outstanding Award for 2021 for all our awards, including the Turkey CXA®.​

We believe we organise the most rigorous awards in the world. The Turkey CXA® will meet the same standards.​

Our judges are selected based on their management experience and qualifications.​

Our large panel of independent judges ensures fairness because they take the time to assess every entry carefully.​

Our unique proprietary software ensures we have complete transparency of the process and full traceability for quality control. ​

There will be at least five separate judges per category. Each entry is scored at least 10 times and on average for 7.5 hours.​

Meet the Judges

“The whole event was outstanding and we thoroughly enjoyed participating.”

Janice Docherty, CX Manager, Nedbank

Advancing CX

CX is THE key brand differentiator in business today.​

In research published on January 4th 2021 ,the 2000 business professionals surveyed said Customer Experience is the top priority for them for the next five years. Read this and other interesting cx statistics

The CXA® is at the vanguard of the global CX movement; we are delighted to launch the Turkey CXA® so you can join us on this journey!​

Awards International is proud to be Global Partners in Advancing CX with the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). ​

CX Inspired® is an annual report produced by Awards International from entries to the CXA ®. In this report we analyse the entries and benchmark the initiatives against a CX maturity model, giving users examples of real-life case studies in CX practice. ​

CXInspired® is brought to you in partnership with the European Customer Consultancy and endorsed by the CXPA.​

Winners 2021

“What a fabulous experience this was, with so many CX professionals in one place! How can one leave without feeling even more motivated about putting customers at the heart of your business? The effort and passion in those presentations was outstanding.”

Emma Sutton, Senior Customer Director EMEA, Oracle


There will be two networking opportunities before the awards focused on learning about and discussing CX.​

Following the awards there will be a further event for the winners, judges, and all participants to meet, connect, and learn from the best of the Turkey CXA® winners.​

At the conference on June 10th use the networking app and swipe through profiles of fellow delegates to arrange online meetings, make new contacts, and expand your horizons.​

As a participant in the Turkey CXA® you can join The Judge Club, our exclusive international business club for Awards International customers.​

Networking meetings in 2021:

  • FEB 22

    Global CX Networking Meeting

  • APR 27

    Exclusive Networking Meeting

  • SEP 1

    Exclusive Post Event Networking Meeting

Winners 2021